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Nasza Klasa more popular than Twitter?


A strange thing has happened. A Polish social networking site called Nasza Klasa, a cross between Friends Reunited and Facebook, was the 6th most popular social networking site in the UK, according to Hitwise UK.

This is a clear sign of a few things, I guess, but most importantly:

a) Poles are as crazy about social networking as anyone else;
b) there are still large numbers of Poles in the UK and they want to stay in touch with their past.

According to the graph  below Nasza Klasa is more popular than Twitter, which is quite an achievement bearing in mind the fact that Twitter’s popularity has gone up by something like a zillion per cent since all the celebs have discovered yet another outlet for their egos.


Nasza Klasa has taken Poland by storm over the past year or so and – like Facebook in the UK two years ago – has produced hundreds of hours of media coverage. And like Facebook it’s put people who haven’t seen one another for years in touch again, revealing the extent of Polish migration over the past 40 years.

It was particularly interesting – even for me – to see how many people, including my uni friends, distant family members etc., have ended up in the UK. For various reasons – some have well-paid jobs as GPs in areas where there are doctor shortages, others work for PR agencies, others still came for a year or two to work in temp jobs.

It would be good to see what percentage of those using Facebook and/or Twitter are also Poles living in the UK.

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Market share chart © Hitwise UK

Are you coming to #Twestival or #LDNtwestival?


Tomorrow volunteers using Twitter in 175 cities around the globe will meet for what promises to be a truly amazing event, Twestival.

It’s a charity event which aims to raise money and awarenes for charity: water. I’m a bit disappointed no Polish city will take part, but then again Twitter-mania hasn’t reached Poland yet (plus there’s a more popular local equivalent of Twitter, called Blip.)

Anyway, it’s a great idea, the entire money raised through the sale of tickets and donations will go straight to charity: water and according to some estimates, Twestival is on course to collect a million pounds. Which would obviously be ace.

You can read more about Twestival – and donate – on its official website and if you’re coming to the London Twestival, do say hi, I’ll be there (or drop me a message on Twitter @thepolskiblog).

WOSP – the Polish Comic Relief

When I hear ‘Poland’, I think….

Indeed, WHAT do you think? This is my new Twitter mini-poll.

All you need to do is to finish the sentence and pass it on on Twitter. Just remember to tag it by adding #polblog to your message so that I can find it and blog about it, of course. That’s if you are on Twitter (who ISN’T these days?).

If you don’t have a Twitter account, just use the comment box below to finish the sentence.


So far I’ve had two responses:

Lolly aka @blogtillyoudrop said: When I hear ‘Poland’, I think yummy Pieroggis (She also posted a link to her picture of pierogi)

Steve aka @ziemba said: When I hear ‘Poland’ I think of oscypek and kielbasa! (He also kindly illustrated his post with a pic of, well, oscypek – a smoked Polish highland cheese – and kielbasa, taken in Chicago)

So far then it’s all about food. Is there anything else?

Go on, post your nswer, pass it on, spread the word. And come back to see what people say.

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Here’s one more via Twitter from @catmindu: polish plumbers.. kabanosh, snow. (Hmmmm, as far as I am concerned, from now on snow makes me think of suspended tube and cancelled trains in south London, but that’s a different story… ;)

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the Polski blog – ways to subscribe

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UN Climate Change Conference in Poznań…

… is starting this Monday. Follow it on Twitter. If you care about the planet. Or are into Twitter. Or both.

Dirty South Twit

This post will mean nothing to those of you who live outside London (WELL outside London) or outside the UK, but three south Londoners, Lolly, Gary and Richard have just created a new social group called Dirty South Twit.

It’s a group of people – mainly, I presume, bloggers – who use and love Twitter. The idea was partly inspired by a similar group, Shoreditch Twit, from north of the river. This one however, as the name suggests, aims to unite Twitter addicts from the better (yes, I’m being territorial now), southern part of London. Well, ok – from anywhere in London. ‘Cause they’re nice like that.

The first meet up is yet to take place, but I can’t wait.

See their blog here and follow them on Twitter, if you’re a Twitter addict too.