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Polska? Tak!

This first post after a long break is a rather impressive video produced by the Public and Diplomacy Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Poland.

It features a whole host of Hollywood A-listers and other celebs – from Natalie Portman to Russell Crowe, from Robert Redford and Tom Hanks to Daniel Radcliffe and Linda Evangelista – talking about one subject. Poland.

Whether it’s their families, their impressions of Poland, architecture, co-workers or the “crazy” things those Poles do (yes, Russell Crowe, I’m looking at you) – everyone has a Polish story to share in this promotional video the Ministry posted on YouTube.

A lot of that is archive material, but you’ll be surprised how many people have some sort of family or other connection with Poland. Unless you already knew that, in which case this will only reinforce your suspicions ;)

Pretty impressive stuff in any case.

Poles on Poland

CNN International has just had a week on Poland – called Eye on Poland. It created alot of buzz in Poland itself but also a lot of controversy, as some cities and regions have been criticised by Polish media for not stumping up the money to appear on an international news channel and grab the opportunity to tell the world who they are.

There are a few good videos from the show on CNN’s website. The show’s producers have asked people to send in their opinions about Poland. Of course, there was everything – some praised Polish economic achievements of the past couple of decades, some admired Polish spirit of independence, some expressed their admiration for Polish world aspirations, some critisised Poland for its allegedly worsening approach to eductaion and the fact that “the myth of Chopin is just a myth”.

But what do Poles actually think of their own country?

The next video from CNN’s website might be particularly interesting if you’re in Britain and have noticed that an abnormally large number of people in services and elewhere in recent years have acquired a strange, Central-European accent…

So will they stay or will they go?