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Has your perception of Poland changed?

Warsaw by Adam Smok via Flickr, used under the Creative Commons licence
Warsaw by Adam Smok via Flickr, used under the Creative Commons licence

Poland has been a member of the European Union for over ten years now. A lot has changed during the past ten years.

Many more Poles than ever before live and work in the UK and other EU countries. Lots of foreigners from the same EU countries have moved to, and live in Poland too.

Poland’s Donald Tusk is now the president of the European Council, Poland has tragically lost its president and a number of high-profile politicians in the tragic plane crash in 2010.

It’s also successfully co-hosted the European Football Championships in 2012 and has become more prominent on the international scene.

There have been many more good and bad headlines featuring Poland and its citizens in the British – and international – press, the country itself has transformed enormously and it’s attracted a lot of new tourists, investors and, hopefully, fans.

But are you one of them? Has your perception of the country changed over the past decade? I’d be curious to find out, regardless of whether you live in or outside of Poland.

Here’s a very short poll, but if you feel you want to elaborate on this question, please leave a comment below.

Has your perception of Poland changed over the past 10 years?

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When I hear ‘Poland’, I think….

Indeed, WHAT do you think? This is my new Twitter mini-poll.

All you need to do is to finish the sentence and pass it on on Twitter. Just remember to tag it by adding #polblog to your message so that I can find it and blog about it, of course. That’s if you are on Twitter (who ISN’T these days?).

If you don’t have a Twitter account, just use the comment box below to finish the sentence.


So far I’ve had two responses:

Lolly aka @blogtillyoudrop said: When I hear ‘Poland’, I think yummy Pieroggis (She also posted a link to her picture of pierogi)

Steve aka @ziemba said: When I hear ‘Poland’ I think of oscypek and kielbasa! (He also kindly illustrated his post with a pic of, well, oscypek – a smoked Polish highland cheese – and kielbasa, taken in Chicago)

So far then it’s all about food. Is there anything else?

Go on, post your nswer, pass it on, spread the word. And come back to see what people say.

And remember to follow the Polski blog on Twitter too.


Here’s one more via Twitter from @catmindu: polish plumbers.. kabanosh, snow. (Hmmmm, as far as I am concerned, from now on snow makes me think of suspended tube and cancelled trains in south London, but that’s a different story… ;)

Please remember to hashtag your tweets with #polblog !

The POLLski

Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku! (Or Happy New Year! if you’re suffering from a consonant phobia)

Thanks to my incompetent broadband provider I was offline for the past 4 days, hence the belated NY wishes. (On the other hand, it’s amazing how your life changes when you can’t go online).

There are a few posts waiting in the queue to be published, but I also wanted to ask you what you’d like to read on this blog in 2009. There’s a new poll up (see the right-hand side sidebar, just below ‘Archives’) – it only takes a few seconds, do let me know what you expect to see on here. You can tick more than one option too.

If there’s anything else you think I should be writing about, drop me an email: tpbaddress

Judging by the results of the previous poll (see the screengrab below), you some of you already know a lot of famous Poles, but many know just a couple.

Poll results

The ‘famous Poles’ category will be the first new addition to this blog in 2009 then.

Pole poll – moi!

Have you ever wondered what motivates people who move abroad? It’s not always just money or a better life, whatever that means. Many Poles have come here to do other things than just plumbing and plastering, although obviously there’s nothing wrong with plumbing or plastering.

Apart from the fact that they seem to be the only professions or one of very few professions mentioned while discussing the question of Poles in the UK.

So to dispel some of the myths I’ll be asking my fellow Poles in the UK to reveal in an easy to digest, bite-sized poll form what brought them here, what they love, miss and what they would like to take back with them home.

Before I ask anyone such questions, I should perhaps ask myself what I’m doing here, eh? Scary, but hey, has to be done! Here it is:

1. Why the UK?

Initially to escape the rat race I was in, but also to fulfill my life-long ambition of working for the BBC. It was all supposed to last just a few months….

2. If I went back I’d take with me…

…the Brits’ pragmatic apporach to life, the ability to laugh at one’s mistakes and possibly fish and chips. With vinegar.

3. I’ll never get used to…

…having separate sink taps. I always end up having frostbite and scalded hands simultaneously.

4. I miss…

…not being able to pop in to my friends and have a quick chat and a bite to eat. One thing we do in Poland quite often is visit each other at home. There’s always an excuse…

So, that’s it for the first Pole poll. More to come soon!

Image: ©isdky via Flickr