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From the upper deck


My occasional series Pole poll is back with a bang. Well, with a flash – as today’s ‘subject’ is a Pole, but also a very fine photographer. He’s also very private, so I’ve abandoned the usual format of five questions and five answers to concentrate more on his superb project called ‘From The Upper Deck‘.

Przemek Wajerowicz came to London some four years ago and turned his passion for street photography into a very London hobby – he started going around the city on double-decker buses, taking pictures of people and situations from a slightly different perspective.


He told me that the view from the upper deck of a double-decker bus had always fascinated him and he started taking pictures from the moment he arrived in London. However he lost the initial batch of photographs after his hard drive crashed.

But he picked himself up and carried on. Soon the hobby became a project. And an ambitious one too – Przemek wants to travel every single bus line in London – from the very first to the very last stop.

15 to Paddington

In 2008 he started publishing his daily bus pictures on his blog and once he’s tackled everything Transport for London has to offer, he wants to publish a book with the best pictures taken from the upper deck. And I’m looking forward to getting a copy. As a photographer myself I think this is a great project and Przemek executes it with passion.

I’m planning to write a bit on his project soon elsewhere, for now here’s more From The Upper Deck.

You can also follow Przemek on Twitter.

All images © Przemek Wajerowicz used with author’s permission

World Press Photo 2009 – the Polish entries


If you’re into photography, you are probably aware of the yearly World Press Photo awards and subsequent exhibitions.

The 2009 winners gallery has recently been published and I’m glad to see a few Polish photographers made it to the top 3 in a few categories. Wojciech Grzedzinski’s picture of the Georgian Conflict or Tomasz Gudzowaty’s Mongolian Child Jockey are some of the 104 Polish entries this year which got noticed by the jury. (I won’t reproduce them here for copyright reasons, hence the links to the WPF website).

When you look at the amazing quality of the pictures submitted by the finest photographers from around the world, it’s actually quite a fantastic achievement to get noticed in five different categories.

One of the less immediately obvious winners (he was a runner-up in the Daily Life category, to be precise) was Tomasz Wiech and his study of life in large corporations based in Kraków in Poland.

When seen separately they look like casual office snaps uploaded to Flickr, but when studied together they paint a rather bleak picture of life in a large international corporation: open-plan offices, bland interiors, bored faces in meetings, desperate attempts to enliven dead spaces on the outskirts of a culturally rich and vibrant city.

You can see the entire series called simply ‘Corporation’ on his website along with other pictures from his collection, including another bleak study of life in a large city, Park.

As a budding photographer all I can say I wish one day I could get noticed too…. ;)

Image © Binder.donedat via Flickr used under CC licence

Visit the world with Martyna Wojciechowska


She’s 34, a well-known Polish journalist, the editor of National Geographic Poland and a seasoned traveller. Her name is Martyna Wojciechowska and she’s just started a photoblog, where she will be uploading pics from her travels.

She’s also planning to upload older pictures from her ealier travels, so if you’re into challenging expeditions – from the Arctic Circle to conquering the highest mountain in the Americas, the Aconcagua – this might be a photoblog to bookmark.

Image © Martyna Wojciechowska via story.pl

Violen’s Photography

As you’ve probably noticed, my blog automatically displays random pictures from Flickr, tagged with the word ‘Poland’. These are not my pictures, although sometimes I wish they were.

And through this small Flickr plugin I discovered the amazing photography of a Poland-based woman who calls herself Violen. Her Violen’s Photography Flickr photostream is a joy to explore. She is based in the southern city of Bielsko Biała, not far from where I was born. She travels all over the south, charting everything – from beautiful architecture to urban decay and mountain landscapes.

Some of her pictures are taken in the advanced HDR technique, giving them this extra depth and a bit surreal dimension. All of them are very atmospheric and quite rich, both in texture and in content. If this is your first contact with Polish landscape, well, sit back and enjoy.

(Hope you also like the pics and it’s not just me being overly sentimental here.)

Image © Violen’s Photography, all rights reserved

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