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In search of Europe: Poland

Ahead of June’s European elections, BBC’s Jonny Dymond visits several European states to ask votes about the EU and find out what their expectations are.

Today’s report comes from Poland, where Dymond speaks to people who’ve directly benefited from the EU expansion – either by expanding their existing businesses or by travelling abroad, acquiring news skills and transferring them back to their home country.

One of them, Dobrawa, who worked in London for the years before returning to Warsaw to set up her own hair salon, asked about what she thinks about the call for “British jobs for British workers” replies:

“British people, I’ve got nothing against them, but I do think that they don’t respect jobs. They are too fussy. They would love to be put on a high position and get good money for less hours and everything. In my country, everything that we have is made by hard work.”

Perhaps a bit harsh and simplistic, but even some British TV documentaries I’ve seen in recent months prove there’s a grain of truth in this claim.

Have a look at the whole report from Poland – and other In search of Europe reports – here.

Funny old world

Sometimes you read something and wonder why people (journalists) even bother. One of the free London papers has a regular column called Funny Old World with short quirkies from all over the world.

While sitting on the tube today I noticed a one-sentence funny ‘piece’ from Poland:

Zielona Gora, a medieval village, has been ordered by the government officials to drop a witch-burning drama from its birthday pageant because it’s deemed sexist.

That’s it. I’m not sure what the point is of such short pieces, you’d probably need the attention span of a fruit fly to find such facts fascinating, but apart from that, one thing struck me about this ‘piece’. Zielona Gora can be described in many ways, but not as a village. Checked it in Wikipedia – over 290,000 inhabitants (just under 200,000 for the city itself). You wouldn’t call York (same size as Zielona Gora) a village, would you?

OK, I’m not claiming my patriotic pride was hurt. I’m more annoyed with the poinlessness of such ‘journalism’, where basic facts go unchecked for the sake of a few (literally, probably) laughs. Ignorance or lame journalism? Or both?