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Facebook is taking Poland by storm

I have noticed in the past couple of months an increase in the number of friend requests from my old friends and acquaintances in Poland. And indeed, official numbers suggest that after years of relying on Nasza Klasa, Poles are now flocking to Facebook.

A recent post on the Social Bakers website claims that in the past six months the number of Poles using Facebook has grown by 79%. In other words, over 2.4 million new users have created their profiles within the past six months. There are over 5.5 million Polish profiles on Facebook at the moment, which makes it the seventh biggest country in Europe on Facebook. (The UK is first, with almost 29 million Facebook profiles, closely followed by Turkey with 26m and France with almost 21m.)

I have also noticed many more Polish pages on Facebook and, surprisingly, Polish-language ads too. Although why they would display on my profile if my language is defined as English and location as UK, remains a mystery to me.

I guess more businesses and brands will take advantage of Facebook’s ability to target its advertising and the number of Polish ads will grow rapidly in the next several months.

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78 looks good, but…

I have just noticed that our Facebook fan page already has 78 fans, yippee! That’s absolutely fantastic! Thank you.
But the question is: when will we break the 100 barrier?
Perhaps I should think of some incentive, but what should it be? Ideas?

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