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Warsaw’s newest attraction: a foldable roof

Poland is getting ready for the Euro 2012 football tournament. The biggest football venue, the National Stadium in Warsaw, is rumoured to be one of the most expensive structures of its kind in the world.

The officials responsible for commissioning the stadium deny it claiming it’s not even in the Top10 most expensive football stadia in the world, says Polish daily Wyborcza.pl, quoting Mr. Wojciech Rokicki from PL.2012, the company behind the preparations for Euro 2012. (Apparently, the new Wembley stadium tops the list.)

Anyway, the reason why I mention the new stadium is its roof. It’s pretty impressive. Officially unveiled to the public a few weeks ago, the roof sits ‘folded’ in a nest above the centre of the pitch. When needed, it ‘unfurls’ in about 15 minutes, pulled by long wires powered by 72 engines. See the video below to see the roof in action.

15 minutes sounds like a long time, but I might be wrong. Hope they have good weather forecasters.