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Polish film posters which lost the plot


Just wanted to let you know about this brilliant comparison gallery the Daily Telegraph put together.

“The film posters that lost the plot” gallery focuses on how communist Poland attempted to create “something that would defeat [stereotypical] Western film posters”.

It’s a great gallery, but also a nice read. The Telegraph reveals how a state-owned film distributor in Poland invited artists to screenings and asked them for their own interpretation of Western movies.

With time the posters became collector’s items and I’m pretty sure that if I went through my dad’s cupboards, I’d find some lovely, but long-forgotten 80s posters…

Did you like them? Do you collect them? Do let me know.

The Daily Telegraph and me

thePOLSKIblog got a brief mention in the Daily Telegraph – see here. Thanks! Guess I should behave now.

(BTW, Harry de Quetteville writes a good blog there – Global London – devoted to the issue of migration and in this context bemoans – well, almost – the fact that the Polish community might soon shrink rapidly as Polish migrants here have started an ‘exodus’ back to Poland.  Worth a read!)

Image © Robert Scarth, used under CC lincence