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the Polski blog – ways to subscribe

Just a quick welcome to all my new readers and followers, hope you like the blog.

Here’s how to follow the Polski blog if you can’t visit the site often but want to stay up to date with all my posts.


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Blogbox me, baby

Cześć. If you’re in Poland or use Blogbox, do me favour. Vote for me, please.

If you like the blog and think it should reach more people, show your support. It’s been nominated for Blogbox (a Polish blog aggregator) and every vote counts. Go on, you know you want to.

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Dzięki! :)

For you

You know the feeling when you sometimes see something from your childhood – a car you haven’t seen for ages, a cartoon you forgot about, a toy you used to play with – and it makes you go ‘awwww’?

Thanks to the girls from the Milk Bar, I went ‘awww’ tonight as they posted a link to a fantastic Polish blog, called Pan Tu Nie Stał. Now, before I explain why I went all mushy, I should explain the name of the blog.

When the life of an average Pole was defined by the amount of time he or she spent queuing for even the most basic things, people got very territorial and defensive. Unlike the orderly British queues, the Polish equivalents were often messy affairs. “Stop pushing!” “Back in the queue, you ass!” “Don’t think this is your space” All these were commonly heard in Polish queues, when frustration and the cold weather made many a shopper impatient. But there always has been something unbelievably funny about those queues and such territorial behaviour. They’ve become the subject of many fantastic Polish comedies and most people will remember them with a smile on their faces.

That’s why the ironically titled Pan Tu Nie Stał (“Don’t think this is your space”) blog made me laugh and go ‘awwww’ simultaneously. It’s a collection of old things from the Communist Poland. Luckily for you, my English-speaking reader, this blog also offers an English version (sadly, only for the post titles), but because it’s mostly visual, you don’t need to worry much about the text.

So why is it so good? It offers everything from rare hotel stickers, to jewellery made out of old Polish coins to some mind-blowing porcelain figurines.

But for me the biggest ‘awwww’ happened when I saw this picture:

This is an image of an old Polish soap bar, called For You. And, believe it or not, when I was a very very little boy, these were the first English words I ever uttered. Without this soap, this blog would not exist. And I would probably be a bit whiffy.

Image © Pan Tu Nie Stał

thePOLSKIblog is now on Twitter!

Still fiddling with various settings and tweaking things behing the scenes, but already managed to set up a Twitter account for my blog – you can now follow the POLSKIblog on Twitter via http://twitter.com/thepolskiblog.

Which also means every update on here will automatically appear on Twitter. Yippee. (Or ‘hurra’ in Polish).


Cześć! Hello!

Hi, my name is Michał, I’m a Polish journalist and I’ve been living in the UK for, well, almost 11 years now. On and off, but mostly on.

The past few years have seen a dramatic increase in the number of Poles coming into Great Britain and hundreds of newspaper articles, TV and radio programmes about the impact of this new wave of immigrants on the British economy. Polish shops and cafes have sprung up all over the country, all of a sudden everybody knows a Polish person, has been served by a Polish person, has heard some Polish, but didn’t quite understand what was actually said.

And here’s my problem: apart from charting the impact of a million or so Poles on Britain in and by various mainstream media, nobody has actually devoted much time to explaining what those people bring with them. How they think. What they eat. What they find strange in Britain.

There have been a few attempts at explaining some of the above issues, but I haven’t really seen a single place which would explain – in English – the Polish culture, mentality and the consonant-saturated language to an English-speaking person.

Hence the idea for this blog. The POLSKI blog. (The word ‘Polski’ means ‘Polish'; just thought I’d make that clear ;)

I’ll try to explain some of the above issues, bust (or confirm) some myths (we’re not just a nation of plumbers, plasterers and beautiful girls, you know), teach you some useful phrases, talk about food (must be my favourite topic) and vodka (wódka, in fact), surprise you with a few facts you might not be aware of and generally make you feel more familiar with the Polish nation.

You’re welcome to participate – share your experiences, post comments, suggest new topics – I’ll try to respond to them tothe best of my abilities.

Make sure you use the RSS feeds for posts and comments to keep up to date with the latest posts on here and share the url with friends.

So, welcome and enjoy! Or as we would say in Poland, witajcie i zapraszam!