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Image copyright: Marta Sowinska

Polish cat-nurse conquers the world

Yes, you read that right. There’s a cat in Poland that works as a nurse. Well, almost.

It’s not often that you see a completely unpronounceable Polish city trending on Facebook. Yet that’s what I noticed yesterday: Bydgoszcz (told ya), was – and in fact still is – trending on Facebook. Why?

Polish TV station TVN Meteo posted a short film about a black cat called Rademenes from an animal shelter in Bydgoszcz. The cat, according to Lucyna Kuziel–Zawalich, a local vet who saved the animal, lives in the shelter, nearly lost his live last year, and now ‘looks after’ other animals there.

Which basically means cuddling with poorly dogs and putting his paws on other cats. Awwww. And that’s enough for kitten-obsessed social media to make the story trend worldwide.

But the real story for me here is the story of Lucyna, who refused to put the sick cat down when it was admitted last September, aged just two months, with a serious respiratory illness. She looked after the cat, and – against all odds (the cat was losing his fur, had to be isolated) – kept him alive. And that’s when the cat started displaying what she calls ‘a strange behaviour’. Maybe he’s just thankful.

But he’s definitely famous.

More pictures and videos here. 

Image: Marta Sowińska via TVN

Poland is beautiful

This video turned out to be very popular when I posted it on my Facebook page yesterday, so I thought  I’d add it here too for those of you not on Facebook. (But if you ARE on Facebook, have you liked our page?)

This film is almost a by-product of several campaigns done by a Polish ad agency for their clients. They combined the unused footage into a 4-minute video, which so far has attracted over 1.4 million views on You Tube.

The film shows beautifully shot aerial views of many picturesque corners of Poland: from the wide sandy beaches of the Baltic Sea to the greenery of the Polish mountains in the south.

Can you name them? Can you name the cities featured? Go on, impress me… (TIP: The clues are there if you watch to the end…)

Warsaw street fashion

“Warsaw is more hipster than Paris, which is elegant.” Now, I’m not sure this is a good thing, but this is what I learned from this New York Times video about what people in Poland wear these days.

The video’s title is self-explanatory: “Intersection: Divided Styles in Warsaw”.  Like everywhere in Poland, Warsaw has its share of fashionistas and a lot of people, for whom fashion is still decided by the price tag. And Plac Zbawiciela, which features in this clip – a more upmarket and liberal part of central Warsaw – is no different.

Even in this video the clash is pretty evident.

And hopefully the clip will also dispel certain myths about how people dress in Poland and if you’ve never been there – no, we don’t wear bear skin coats. *eye roll*

Celebrate Thanksgiving with Polish pierogi

Traditional Polish pierogi
Traditional Polish pierogi

As weird as it sounds, this is exactly what the US diplomats in Warsaw decided to do. And they filmed their effort.

They asked a seasoned pierogi-maker,  Ms Teresa Bart from Zambrow in Poland to teach them how to prepare traditional Polish mushroom, cabbage and onion pierogi. So she did.

There’s just one but. She doesn’t speak English. And their Polish is limited. Or non-existent in some cases.

Here’s the (hilarious) outcome.

Polish Londoners Project

Today Poland celebrates its independence day. What better day to introduce a great new project about London-based Poles. You have to admit, it seems easier to find out what Brits think about Poles rather than the other way round. Until now, that is.

Agnieszka Chmura, a London-based Polish filmmaker, has started a project called Polish Londoners. Its aim? To show people what Polish people living in London think about the city, how they integrate, what they do etc. But it’s not just about the London Poles.

Agnieszka explains on the project’s website:

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think “London”?

I think of multiculturalism. Hundreds of years of colonisation and the recent EU expansion have turned the British capital into a lively stew of all possible nations. Yet there is no awareness of different communities. How much do you know about the Polish community in London for example?

Me – not much. The aim of this project is to explore London’s mosaic of ethnicities. I start with my own tile in this mosaic, the Poles.

I want to invite creative types from other communities to build a platform where Londoners discover the true beauty of the place they live in. The beauty of the people. A bunch of short films, interviews and portraits will tell the story of who they are, what drove them here, what dreams they are pursuing.

And then she adds:

I believe it is the ordinary people who make London an extraordinary city. The project is an insight into the real hidden London and a study of its constant flow of personalities, ideas, dreams, philosophies.

Here are the first three films:

Iza, a Polish photographer:

Marek, a writer, translator and cultural animator, who’s lived in London since he was 12:

And a more recent arrival, Anna, who came to London three years ago:

This is great and I can’t wait to see the next episodes.

The project has its Facebook page and you can follow Agnieszka on Twitter.

Emmy eats Poland

Yes I was confused by that title too. But it turns out Emmy is just a video blogger (vlogger) who’s on a mission to eat her way through various international cuisines.

I didn’t know Emmy until someone sent me this video recently. It’s over a year old, so chances are you might have seen it already, after all her YouTube channel has over 150K subscribers.

Emmy was sent a rather large packet of Polish sweets by one of her viewers and in this video she bravely goes through the contents of that parcel, giving her verdict on everything. In most cases she goes ‘mmm’ shortly after biting into something, which I assume is her stamp of approval.

I loved reading the comments underneath the video (until some trolls hijacked them this morning, that is). My favourite one was: “Ptasie mleczko rulez! I can have the whole box in one day!

So can I, so can I….