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The POLSKI blog is written by Michał, a Polish journalist, writer, one-time language teacher and linguist, living and working in London.

How did it all begin? I wanted to try to make English-speaking people more familiar with the Polish language, cuisine, mentality – and I simply couldn’t find one single site in English which would do it without either too much pathos or without drawing too much attention to issues which are hardly relevant to someone without any prior knowledge of the country or its people.

This blog will attempt to bust (or confirm) some myths, surprise you with a few facts you might not be aware of and generally make you feel more familiar with the Polish nation.

And, as I live and work in this great city, this blog will occasionally offer my view of London and serve as a platform to explain what it’s like to work here as a Polish person.

What it won’t do is serve as a news source for the latest from and about Poland. The stuff on here is more evergreen and/or personal.

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