Vrots Love

Wrocław is one of five Polish cities – along with Katowice, Lublin, Gdańsk and Warszawa – vying for the title of the European Capital of Culture in 2016. So far only one Polish city – Krakow – enjoyed this privilege in 2000.

Each city is obviously trying its best to impress the world and Wrocław doesn’t even need to try hard. After all, it’s a beautiful, vibrant city, full of history and fantastic architecture.

In its latest promotional video it’s trying to make it easier for foreigners to pronounce the name Wrocław by splitting it into two easy-to-remember (and pronounce) bits: Vrots and Love. (And presumably trying to imply that Wrocław is a city you can easily fall in love with; not sure what Vrots is meant to do though;) ) At the same time, the video shows everything the city is proud of – from its culture to its architecture and lovely people.

So here it is, does it work? I’ll let you be the judge:


4 thoughts on “Vrots Love

  1. I just wanted to say thank you for this amazing blog of yours, and for sharing with us so many interesting and wonderful glimpses into Polish life, language and culture.

    Big love!

  2. Wrocław sounds like an interesting place I will defiantly have to go there this summer. Just googling the city was fascinating for example Wrocław has the oldest resturant still operating in Europe who knew?

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