I need your vote. Yes, yours!

Oh, I do like getting good news. Who doesn’t?

For the second year in a row, this blog has been nominated in the Language Lovers contest and I need your support! One of the reasons why this blog was set up was to teach people all over the world some useful Polish phrases and some basic vocabulary. My approach is always the same: I try to keep it simple and focus on useful or seasonal phrases. There is usually some context and not too much complicated grammar notes. Not everybody is – or wants to be – a linguist and I believe an audio file with a brief explanation can be much more useful than a long-winded explanation.

And while this blog focuses on modern Poland in general – from its cuisine to its culture – my mini language lessons (all grouped under the oh-so-clever “Polish your Polish” category) prove to some be the biggest traffic drivers for this blog. The most popular of all lessons I’ve published so far is definitely the one which explains how to say “happy birthday” in Polish.

The guys behind Language Lovers 2011 appreciated my efforts and my blog was nominated in the Language Professional Blog category, which is fantastic. If you have enjoyed my lessons – or if you think they might work for other people interested in Polish – please do me a favour and do the following:

1 – click on this link and on the Language Lovers 2011 page scroll down to find The Polski Blog – and vote for me;

2 – tell your friends about the blog and ask them to vote if they like;

3 – come back for more :)

As without you, this blog would not exist. Thank you!

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