Social shopping from Poland with Daillly

Yes, that’s right. Daillly. It’s not a typo. And it’s not Groupon either. Although it feels a bit like Groupon. But this new Polish (but very international in its reach) site built and developed in Szczecin has taken the concept of social shopping to a new level.

To stand out from the crowd, our service delivers the most beautiful daily deals with custom, full-screen offers – each deal is different, giving our clients great and unique exposure for their fantastic content

says Luke Miler, founder of Daillly and CEO of Picco, the Szczecin-based creative studio behind the site.

So far, so good. And as you can see from the screengrab, the site does look fun and fresh and changes daily (or should I say daillly?). But what does Daillly actually do? Here’s Luke again:

Daillly takes social buying business model that we love and use it to feature discounts on cream of virtual and online goods from the best games, apps and services online. We are also building gamification platform that will be a big part of the service, making daily deals more fun and social, where you can earn points, achievements and rewards with your friends. Our clients line-up includes companies from USA, Finland, Germany, Spain, South Korea as well as Poland.

If you’re based in the UK, the site – at this stage at least – doesn’t have any UK-specific offers, but the Daillly guys tell me it’s just a matter of time.

It’s good to see a Polish online service which goes international from day one, combines social shopping with great design and seems very ambitious. Hope it works for you guys!

But you’re probably asking – what’s the deal with those three letters ‘l’ in the name. As I was told by Marcin, one of the Daillly guys, Daily and Dailly were already taken…. ;) 

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