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From Poland With Love

My job here is done. Well, not really. But I’m glad to report others have also started discovering – and sharing – Poland beyond its sad history and stereotypical perceptions.

I just got an email from a production company inviting me to watch a video series about Poland called “From Poland With Love”. Yes, it might be a promotional vehicle for a particular sponsor, but it’s also a great series featuring some fantastic and less-known aspects of modern Poland.

In the above episode we get introduced to a Polish hip-hop performer, a ‘country’ band (watch out for their definition of country) and a Warsaw-based sculptor, Pawel Althamer, who relies on his neighbours from a working-class district of the city to help him create his elaborate art.

The series consists of five episodes in which a Swede, Ivar, travels up and down the country to discover places and people you hardly hear about.

You get to meet Edward Szwajkiewicz, a Solidarity member who fought the Communists, but also a modern Goth from Silesia. There’s a lot of clubbing and vodka drinking in Krakow, of course, but Ivar and his Polish side-kick Julita also make sure you get more than a glimpse of the beautiful Polish mountains and meet Trebunie Tutki, a fusion reggae band from Zakopane.

You can watch the entire series here – each episode is 8-10 minutes long and packed with some great stuff.

I loved it. It resonates with the Polski Blog and in a way, I’d like to think the series was made specifically for it…