The Londoneer explores the Polish War Memorial

The Londoneer, quoted by me many times before on this very site, wrote a brief post on the Polish War Memorial in London.

Usually mentioned in traffic bulletins only (“heavy traffic on the A40 near the Polish War Memorial”), the monument commemorates the Polish airmen who fought for Britain during World War II.

Pete wonders why the memorial is so far out of town. He suggests it might be

because of a sense of shame at what befell Poland after the war. Perhaps our military leaders wouldn’t have been comfortable looking out over Whitehall and seeing it every day. I doubt we’ll ever know….

Answers on a postcard.

Read the whole post and see Pete’s pictures here.

2 thoughts on “The Londoneer explores the Polish War Memorial

  1. Autor musi mieć polskie geny, ponieważ choruje na typowo polską przypadłość “pomnikomanię”. Dobrze, że jest taki pomnik, dobrze, że ktoś tam chodzi i pamięta, ale dorabiać ideologię do miejsca gdzie stoi, proponować, żeby go przenieść. Zapraszamy go na Krakowskie Przedmieście. Tam poczuje się jak w domu. Poza tym “Wyborowa” to jedna z gorszych wódek. Co oni wam w tym Tesco sprzedają? :)

  2. Not on a postcard to Pete, but I think he really knows the answer. The memorial is placed at the home of Poland’s famous 303 squadron – RAF Northolt.

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