London has its Polish bank now too

I noticed today that Poland’s once biggest bank had opened a branch in central London.

PKO Bank Polski has a nice shiny branch in Shaftesbury Avenue. Weird location if you ask me, but maybe there are more branches in other parts of London.

As it’s Sunday, I couldn’t go inside and check what’s on offer, but I’ll investigate and report back.

2 thoughts on “London has its Polish bank now too

  1. This is the only branch, i’m sure its been there for a number of years and its not a fully operational bank, however it proved very useful for us. You can open an account, apply for a loan and even arrange a mortgage with them, but you cant do any money transactions there.
    I’m English and have a mortgage with PKO thanks to the very helpful staff at this branch. There was a lots of paper work, even more red tape, over ten meetings, a number of calls to the head office, more calls to my accountant and a final hand shake. We’re now building a house in Wielkopolska and plan on move in late September.

    1. What?! For a number of years?! Granted, I hardly ever go to that bit of Shaftesbury Avenue, but it did look newish. Anyway, glad they successfully transferred Polish customer service over here – hope they were grumpy too :)

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