Travel tip – Mazury

MazuryMy second Polish travel tip for the summer is aimed at those of you who love water – and big lakes in particular:

1. What is it?

Mazury is famous for its wild, largely unspoilt nature and numerous lakes. It’s very popular in the summer, many Poles go there for their summer holidays.

2. Where is it?

Mazury is a region in north-eastern Poland; easy to reach from Warsaw or Gdańsk.

3. Why bother?

Whether you love spending time on a boat, do a bit of bird-watching or just relaxing in the middle of nowhere, the Mazury lake district is big enough to cater for all those needs.

4. And you don’t want to miss…

… Śniardwy, the largest lake in Poland, and the neighbouring town of Mikołajki.

5. Want to know more?

Visit this site (in Polish, but with a nice Google map with photos). ALternatively read all about Mazury on Wikipedia.

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Image © ekieraM via Flickr, used under Creative Commons licence

4 thoughts on “Travel tip – Mazury

  1. My memories of Mazury aren’s amazing, but I know it’s a wonderful region, so I know one day I will go back there and try to replace the bad experiences I had there with much better ones.

  2. I had a chance to visit Mazury two years ago. It was my second trip to Poland. What was really amazing – nature. Numerous lakes, forests, meadows – Mazury is a perfect place for quite relaxation

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