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Summer is almost here, many people are planning trips to Poland, time for some travel tips. Every now and then I’ll be publishing short travel tips focussing on some great places to visit in Poland.

I’ll try to keep them brief. To kick the series off, here’s the first one – why not try something really cool this summer, like visiting Wieliczka.


1. What is it?

It’s a stunning old salt mine, the only one in the world which has been in use since the Middle Ages.

2. Where is it?

Just outside Kraków, a short drive from the city in the town of Wieliczka.

3. Why bother?

It’s a breathtaking journey through endless underground corridors and chambers, which have been carved in rock and salt by generations of salt miners. The most stunning bits are the massive salt chandeliers, altars and sculptures.

4. And you don’t want to miss…

… the music concerts 135 meters below the surface, the spa and the New Year’s Ball.

5. Want to know more?

Visit their official site (in English)

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Image © Pete Reed via Flickr used under Creative Commons licence

5 thoughts on “Travel tip – Wieliczka

  1. One day I’ll visit Poland as a proper tourist: I’ll travel across the country and stop at hotels instead of staying with my family in Gdansk. I’ll definitely pay a visit to Wieliczka – I’ve always wanted to see it. There’s so many interesting places in Poland that I’ve never given much thought. Gdansk, where I was born and brought up, is one huge piece of history and heritage – yet I always took it for granted.

  2. Quite an amazing place. The quality of the tableaux is inicredible and to think that these were made after an exhausting days work. Also you can get married in the hall with its sparkling chandeliers made of salt crystals! It’s a bit chilly down there, but very good for bronchial problems!

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