Fact or myth? Polish beaches

One of the reasons why I decided some time ago to start this blog was the fact that some of my closest friends were so bloody ignorant (sorry if you are reading this) about Poland, it wasn’t even funny any more.

Łeba beach in summer

While planning summer holiday, I suggested at some stage going for a week to one of Poland’s seaside resorts. To which a few people responded: “I didn’t realise Poland HAD sea” or words to that effect. Hence this rather peculiar choice of topic for the first post in the new category, called  ‘Fact or myth?’, which will dispel some Polish myths and confirm – and possibly surprise you with – some useful and occassionally completely useless facts.

So let’s get the bloody beaches – and the sea – out of the way:

  • Poland’s coastline is over 520 km long;
  • The shipyards where the Solidarity movement was born are located in Gdańsk, which is Poland’s main port;
  • The neighbouring city of Sopot hosts Sopot International Song Festival (only The Eurovision Song Contest is bigger) and boasts one of the longest wooden piers in Europe (650 meters)
  • The best beaches are in Łeba, Świnoujście and Międzyzdroje – they are long, wide, sandy, with great (mostly protected) sand-dunes and quite a few nice, if expensive properties.

There, Poland does have beaches. FACT.

Sopot Beach – Image © theedinburghblog.co.uk used under CC licence
Leba Beach – image © BILK Thorn via Flickr used under CC licence

11 thoughts on “Fact or myth? Polish beaches

  1. Ha, ha – I was waiting for this comment! Thanks! Yes, Hel (one ‘l’, not two) is a long, thin peninsula, which is also a tourist destination. The only Hel on earth worth visiting :)

  2. I’m embarrassed and all at once… But willing to hold my hand up and a Polski-dunce.

    It’s a great blog and I can’t wait to learn more and more about the country that spawned one of my loveliest friends.

    Sea and sand; who’d have thought it?!

  3. Yeah i am a brit who has been to leba its real nice and the sea is warm for me.But why does it make you angry people dont know about Poland? this is a typical polish attitude why would we know about Poland? most Poles who live in the uk dont know much about the uk or Wales where i am from they know nothing, so what, it doesnt make me angry why would it???????

  4. Thank you so much for this information! Yes , we do have amazing beaches. I just came back from Sopot. My Canadian-Italian partner was amazed to see our coast line. :-)))

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