Polish for lovers – polish your Polish, part 2

Aaaah, isn’t this sweet? According to the BBC, Polish could be the new language of love.

Polish language courses in Wales proved to be so popular last year that Cardiff University is planning to run extra courses this year. Mostly for people who want to learn the language of their partners.

“The course lecturer told me that a lot of them had Polish girlfriends,”

said Helga Eckart, co-ordinating lecturer for languages.

So for the novices among you, a couple of useful phrases for lovers:

Kocham Cię! 

That’s ‘I Love you’. If you’re in doubt about the other person’s intentions, you can always make sure they are equally in love by asking:

Kochasz mnie?

‘Do you love me?’ Most Polish yes/no questions begin with the word ‘czy’, meaning literally ‘if’ or ‘whether’, but in a yes/no question ‘czy’ plays the role of the English auxiliary verb ‘do’ and is often dropped in more informal questions. So you may be more formal and say:

Czy mnie kochasz? 

But that does sound a bit artificial.

Of course you can go a step further and ask them whether they will marry you:

Ożenisz się ze mną?

Frankly, if your by now beautiful Polish accent doesn’t make them say ‘yes’ instantly, I don’t know what will ;)

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3 thoughts on “Polish for lovers – polish your Polish, part 2

  1. Hi:D I don’t understand this. Polish language and love? But it’s nice. I like this language because it’s beautiful and… i’m from Poland :D Cześć wszystkim, jeżeli ktoś tu jeszcze zagląda, to takie wspaniałe, że są osoby zakochane w moim kraju i języku. Bardzo chętnie udzieliłabym wam lekcji Polskiego bo czemu i nie.

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